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The best Apex Legends highlights

On Top Apex Plays, you can find the latest and greatest community highlights from Apex Legends compiled in high-quality, edited gaming montages.


Our dedicated team of highly-skilled video editors handpick the best clips from thousands of submissions and spend hours editing every videos to ensure we create something that can’t be found anywhere else on YouTube.


If you want to be part of the next video, submit your clip using the form below:


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Our process

Our process

On average, it takes 8-10 hours to produce one Top Apex Plays video. Our dedicated team of highly-skilled editors follow 3 core steps to produce each and every one of our videos:



Our editors sift through thousands of user-submitted clips to select a unique set of clips that you won't see anywhere else on YouTube.


The Edit

Our team then adds value by editing every clip. Editing varies from trimming the clip to adding special effects, sub titles & more.


Informative segments

Lastly, we include an educational segment in most videos. These segments keep viewers up to date with what's new in Apex Legends.

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